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eating site  Report & Inquiry

We receive valuable tips from members who have been victimized by food-and-run sites. we  We are paying a consolation fee to give a little comfort to members who report a scam to Major. In addition, if you make a request for verification of the Toto site, the verification team will quickly verify and reply, so please ask a lot of questions.


▶ When a false tip that are happy to take strong measures to register its members blacklisted by all means I will only report unduly favor eat and leave the site suffered damage

Report form

has been received.

Major provides a fraud verification service for new sites and acompensation payment service for reporting a fraudulent site.


Cautions when reporting fraudulent reports or false reports are registered on the blacklist It may be possible, so please be careful and send it.

Notes on eating and eating reports and requests for inspection

From time immemorial, our major  The most frequent inquiry to the customer center is an inquiry about a scam report. In other words, many members do not know that it is a scam site, and because they use it and then continue to get scammed, vicious scam sites are emerging.

In order to eradicate this, when you are devoured, you must immediately report the robbery to prevent secondary damage and eradicate it. or,  If you are having trouble distinguishing whether it is a scam site or not, please send a request for verification to the customer center and we will quickly verify it and give you an answer.

Regulations related to the payment of consolation

First of all, we would like to express our deepest condolences to the members' anger and loss due to the amount of damage. We eat and leave in the majors up to 50.000 won, depending on the size of the reported incidents and speed (the first tip)  We are honest and differential in paying compensation for food and drink. We are paying a lot of compensation to give some consolation to members who have suffered unreasonable damage from the private Toto site, so please give us a lot of information.

In order to receive compensation, there must be clear evidence of the damage. (deposit and betting details, conversations with customer service), etc. must be submitted as evidence in order to be recognized as a scam. Reports are continuously being received due to the scam sites disappearing dozens of times a day. As a result, it may take up to 5 business days for a response and review period. We would appreciate it if you could find peace of mind, collect as much evidence as possible, and wait for an answer.

(A fixed payment of 10.000 won is paid to all graph sites where mass reports are pouring in)


There are many vicious members who take advantage of the compensation system to receive compensation through false reports. In our major , these members  verified by major  safe playground  Blacklisted as well as unavailable  Please note that registration and strong action will be taken.

Regulations on false reports

Submitted to customer center  False (fake, imitation) reports account for more than 90% of scams.

Consultation with people who have been really hurt and want to pay compensation and file a accusation on the scam site is delayed a lot.

Accordingly, inquiries that do not meet the conditions below are not being consulted, so please be sure to check them.


- If the evidence photo has been edited.

- When the amount of damage is very small.

- If the scam site has already disappeared.

- In the case of an old incident more than fifty days after the occurrence of the damage.
- When it is judged that there is insufficient evidence to state the circumstances of the incident.
- In case the content is not visible due to the low quality of the photographic evidence.

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No matter how major a site is, it cannot be said that it is 100% safe from scamming without a scam verification process.

In order to reduce the damage caused by the toto site eat- and-run, verification of food-eating is essential, not optional.


Even if the scam sites in the domestic Toto market, which are growing rapidly, are openly all members and non-members,  So that you can see when they search in our major professional best camp, so it is exposed to the top of Google's ongoing  I am working on it.


Toto site eat-and-run verification, the first in the industry to take responsibility for the community, and always strive to eradicate private Toto food for members.I will do my best.


In history, the eat-and-run verification site and Toto site are always attached modifiers.

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