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Food Guarantee! How safe is it?


Among the Toto sites operating in Korea, it is safe to say that most of the sites are scam sites, so there is a real danger of being scammed in several places. So, almost all the eat-and-run verification communities emphasize safety by saying that they have deposited a deposit, but this is just advertising as a certification and guarantee company without depositing a deposit to receive advertising costs. There are also many loopholes, and the reliability is very low. However, in our major , we are introducing a certified company that can be used safely by depositing a minimum deposit of 50 million won to a maximum of 150 million won. We consider safety more important than anything else, and we only have Toto sites that have been operated safely for at least 3 years, so we can be confident that the sites recommended by our major are the safest sites to use.

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With a safe Toto site, thorough eating-and-running verification !


In fact, the definition of a major site refers to a "toto site on a high place". All Toto sites are self-proclaimed 'major' and promote it, but there are not many safe sites because the playground with strong capital has no choice but to smoothly exchange all amounts, from small to large. While there are scam sites that change site names and domains, there are also many companies that are closing their doors, but since the number of sites continues to increase, users think that it only adds to a very confusing situation. It is well understood how confused users will be even if they look at which playground is truly safe and whether the 'minimum~maximum' bet is really needed from the perspective of the operator who runs the community. Therefore, our major aims for a transparent operation based on various eat-and-run verification standards, and provides a more secure guideline because all guarantees are provided if you have read the rules of use and used it, but have been disadvantaged.

If you want to be free from scams, find a major certified company!

Most playground users think that capital is the most important thing. It's not wrong, but it seems that there are quite a few users who are only looking for playgrounds that provide unconventional events right away to save capital. However, from the point of view of the operator of the eat-and-run verification site, a playground with only good events often holds events just for the sake of influx, as the proverb says, "a good light apricot", and the probability that it is an eat-and-run site is also very high. Subjectively speaking in terms of the overall situation, I think that it is too much damage to bet anxiously in a playground where you cannot press a single currency exchange button at will, although the events and benefits are relatively small, rather than just chasing an immediate shocking event. Therefore, I think it is the best choice to use a major certification company that selects and recommends only safe playgrounds by building a long-term hacking verification solution.

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